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Standard HVAC systems are not always suited for every business. If the wattage is too much for your property you will overspend on energy bills and if the power is too low, the system will not function as efficiently as you need. Either way, installing an HVAC system that does not meet the requirements of your property is a waste of money.

EMS Ltd has an experienced team of in-house technicians that can design and install the right HVAC solution you need. Our HVAC qualified engineers identify industrial plumbing, heating and cooling requirements, and have worked on numerous HVAC installation projects.

Extensive Knowledge of Commercial Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation Systems

What’s more, our team has specialised skills that encompass the entire process which eliminates the need for you to hire multiple contractors from different companies. As a result, EMS is a cost-effective solution and can handle a full range of HVAC design and installation projects no matter how big or small.

We also provide advice and assistance in choosing the best HVAC system for your needs. Our customers find our extensive knowledge of air conditioning and ventilating systems a huge help in the decision-making process, and our friendly technicians work closely with you to ensure you understand your best options. We are confident you will find our flexibility and professionalism will be a satisfactory experience from start to finish. EMS Ltd designs and installs HVAC systems in Sussex and the South East.

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Speak with our experienced advisers and tell us what you need. You can count on EMS Ltd to deliver the best solutions. Based in Pevensey near Eastbourne our qualified mechanical contractors provide HVAC services across East and West Sussex and the wider South East area.

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Commercial Air Conditioning system design and installation
Sussex and beyond

Our aim is simple, to provide an excellent service with the highest quality and turn around and to exceed the customers’ expectations.

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