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Warehouse/Workshop Warm Air Heating Systems Sussex & The South East

When considering a warm air heating system for your premises, whether it will be used to heat large Industrial spaces, warehousing or small factories or workshops we can provide you with the best solution for your requirements.

EMS LTD offer a range of heating solutions from radiant tube heating, warm air units floor standing or suspended at height to maximise your floor area or warm air distribution through ducting systems.

Warm Air Heating Experts in East Sussex

Warm air systems can offer not only cost efficiency but can be controlled to optimize temperature at various positions and areas within your premises regulated and controlled for optimum performance. Systems can be pre set to begin heating at various points of the day or night to suit your level of comfort.

When systems are installed within large premises, the use of destratification units will assist in placing warm air consistently throughout the area of the building and can be controlled and adjusted independently.

For example: we carried out a site survey at local factory using our latest thermal imaging equipment and found a 12 degrees Celsius differential between high level and low level causing the warm air heating to run for longer periods than necessary until the room thermostat was satisfied. To rectify this issue we ran calculations for a required number of destratification fan units to circulate the warm air from high level to the factory floor areas .We achieved a temperature differential of 4 degrees Celsius which consequently reduces the running time of the heater and made large savings and reduced Carbon foot print.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant tube heaters are used widely to heat objects and personnel within the local area rather than the air within the premises. Radiant heaters have very low running costs and can reach temperature very quickly and can also be controlled to suit your comfort levels and control zones within your premises. Due to the nature of Radiant heating, equipment and personnel feel the warmth from the heater and it is not the surrounding air which is heated thus making Radiant tube heating a very cost effective option for your workshop, factory, distribution warehousing sports venues to name a few.

Servicing and Maintenance

To enable your heating system to run cost efficiently and reliably, a periodic service and maintenance programme is essential. Servicing of parts within the heater will allow it to operate at its optimum level producing a safe operation all year-round year after year. Based in Pevensey near Eastbourne our mechanical contractors provide commercial warm air heating services across East and West Sussex and the wider South East area.

Radiant and warm air heating installation sussex

Our aim is simple, to provide an excellent service with the highest quality and turn around and to exceed the customers’ expectations.

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