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Most commercial heating systems are not suitable for the building in which they are installed. Gas boilers are typically oversized which means utility bills are higher than they should be. Occasionally, heating systems do not provide sufficient heat because they do not have enough power, either because the wattage is too low or they are outdated and no longer capable of delivering optimal performance.

What’s more, there is a vast range of products on the market. Not knowing which heating system is right for your property can feel overwhelming. Moreover, unless you have an in-depth knowledge of gas-powered heating systems, you risk paying over the odds for an appliance that does not deliver the quality you expect.

Our friendly, experienced and efficient team of gas safe engineers ensure you install the right heating system for your commercial property. With years of experience behind us, our team of specialists design, install, maintain and repair commercial boilers so that they operate at optimal effectiveness and energy efficiency.

We appreciate that reliability and running costs are important when installing an industrial and commercial gas heating system. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of a building’s heating requirements and the energy efficiency of the latest renewable energy systems on the market.

Comprehensive Heating System Design and Installation Services

Regardless of your business requirements or the size of the system, you need to install, our highly qualified design and installation engineers can offer insightful advice and provide end-to-end commercial gas design and installation solutions that are performed to the highest standards of workmanship, and health and safety.

Following your initial enquiry, our experts will attend your property to assess your requirements and provide advice that takes into account the design of low emission boilers that will help keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. We will then prepare quotes that give you several options with no obligation to purchase.

Once you are satisfied with the plans, our highly trained professionals fabricate your heating system, either on-site or from our workshop in Eastbourne Sussex most of the work is conducted in our workshop in order to minimise the amount of disruption for anybody that may need to use the building whilst the new heating system is being installed.

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Speak with our experienced advisers and tell us what you need. You can count on EMS Ltd to deliver the best solutions. Based in Pevensey near Eastbourne our qualified mechanical team provide commercial gas design services across East and West Sussex and the wider South East area.

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